Grading Appeals close with the Association Secretary

Date of event: Thursday March 14, 2019 5:00PM


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In accordance with the Association’s decision to have more open discussion around grading a list of the graders for the various ages & their email addresses has been sent to Club Secretaries. 


Club Secretaries - please contact them by email before you lodge any appeals so the relevant grader can forward to you the make-up of the teams in the grade.


Remember the makeup of teams in 2019 may be very different to that in 2018. 

NB  In 2019 only 6 teams requested A Grade & 7 teams AR1 & as all Senior Grades consist of 7 or 8 teams this year some teams have received a higher grade than requested.

Because of the change with the introduction of the Over 35’s and Cadets the Grading Sub-Committee has eliminated B4 and C3 grades.


The Grading Sub-Committee spent in excess of 8 hours meeting to put the competition together for the good of the majority plus the many hours each spent during the last week preparing for the grading meeting.



Any general enquiries should be directed to the Grading Sub-Committee Convenor, Margaret Cliff.


If after discussion with the relevant member/s of the Grading Sub-committee you still feel you must appeal they must be lodged with the Association Secretary by 5.00pm on Thursday March 14th on the form provided.


Remember appeals longer than 200 words will NOT be heard.


Clubs who have not nominated delegates to the grading appeals meetings are unable to submit appeals on behalf of their teams.


Last updated: Wednesday March 13, 2019 10:42PM