Congratulations to all teams who have made it to the Grand Finals

Manly-Warringah Netball Association, Sun Aug 6, 2017 11:29AM

The MWNA Finals competition is governed by the Constitution and By-Laws of the Association.

Please read the following carefully, you need to ensure your team officials, players and spectators understand their respective Codes of Conduct. 


Scorers and Timer and Primary Carer

 ? Both Scorers are to stand TOGETHER in the centre of the court on the sideline and check the score with each other throughout the entire game.

? There must be a Timekeeper (a person with a stopwatch or similar) to stand with the scorers on the sideline in case it is required. They must understand how to take time, add it onto the quarter and notify the Umpires. They MUST NOT be one of the scorers.

? At the end of the game the scorers need to note the final score in the boxes and sign the scoresheet.

? All teams must supply an easily identified Primary Carer -  preferably wearing a Lanyard or orange wristband to identify them. Only the Primary Carer from the team is allowed on to the court in the instance of injury.



Clubs are reminded that they are responsible for their own spectators. Please ensure they they keep back from the Side and Goal Lines.

ALL SPECTATORS (including coaches, managers and parents) must abide by the MWNA Codes of Conduct and treat all players, umpires, other officials and spectators with respect.  Applaud goals from both teams and keep any negative comments to yourself.

Please ensure that there are no chairs or dogs between the courts. Chairs should be placed at the ends of the courts away from where the umpires stand - safety is a priority.



? Teams MUST show their player ID cards to the opposition before the beginning of the game and players MUST sign the scoresheet on their team’s side of the sheet. If teams do not present their cards or the club photocopy of their cards within 1 minute of the start of the game, the team forfeits.

? Any borrowed players must meet with the playing up guidelines and also have their own ID card from their team. They need to sign the scoresheet in this section before they take the court. Please note: Once a player has participated in a semi-final with any one team, they may NOT play with any other team in Semi Finals, Finals or Grand Finals. The penalty for this is disqualification. Please check carefully before playing players up in teams.

Make sure that you understand Rule 9.3.1 Injury/Illness or Blood

? Games cannot start without 2 umpires. If there is only one umpire on the court when the bell goes to start the game send someone up to Umpires Control immediately. Your timekeeper may have to manage time for that quarter themselves.


Stoppages for injury or illness

If an on-court player calls time for injury/illness - the umpire must call time. The player concerned MUST leave the court within 30 seconds and receive any treatment off the court. Time must be called (by a player on court – it cannot be called by the coach, manager or a parent/other spectator). Only the Primary Carer from the team is allowed on the court in this instance. The injured or ill player may be substituted, team changes made (both teams) or the position left vacant - this must happen within 30 seconds. Any time taken for stoppage/s must be added to the quarter it occurs in.

 If the player is unable to be moved, notify the control room and the game will be moved to an alternate court – the timekeeper will record the additional time taken to move and this will be added to the end of that quarter.

No time is held for tying shoelaces – they should be checked by players beforehand along with jewellery, fingernails etc.


Drawn Game

In the event of a draw at full time in the Finals series (including extra time for stoppages), a representative must come up to the control room to notify of a drawn game. Extra time will be centrally timed for 7 minutes each way with a 1 minute break in between. Teams change ends after the first 7 minutes. If at the end of the extra time, it is still a draw:-

for Grand Finals - the teams will be declared Joint Premiers

for Semis and Finals - play continues without any interval until 1 team is 2 goals ahead, as there must be a winner. Scorers must immediately advise the umpires once this occurs.

NOTE – the rule for stoppages applies to this extra time.



Players and coaches are to display good sportsmanship, fair play and respect for all players and officials.


  • Remember, players may choose to shoot in the goal circle only when awarded a penalty pass i.e for contact or obstruction or if they gain possession from a toss up. Not from a free pass for example stepping or offside.
  • Quarters end on the umpires’ whistle not the central timer – umpires should blow their whistle as soon as the central timer sounds not wait for a goal.   
  • A goal is only scored when the ball goes completely through the ring before the umpire’s whistle ends the quarter.



if you do not have anything nice to say, stay silent



Good luck and congratulations to all

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