ROLE Name Phone Mobile Email
PRESIDENT Jane Hauser   0413 125 694  mwnapresident@bigpond.com
VICE PRESIDENT Kim Buckingham 0411 649 656 kbucko6@yahoo.com
SECRETARY Helen Dean 9451 7477 mwnasecretary@bigpond.com
TREASURER Alison Paine   0409 905 921 mwnatreasurer@bigpond.com
ASSIST. SECRETARY Margaret Cliff 9979 6582 0412 650 494 margaretcliff@optusnet.com.au
COMP. SECRETARY Jeanie Ashley   0427 789 203 mwnacompsec@bigpond.com
UMPIRES CONVENOR Nicole Hayward 0401 530 883 mwnaumpires@bigpond.com
REP CONVENOR Monica Jacobs 0412 161 196 mwnarepconv@bigpond.com


A brief synopsis of Roles is below


Position Role
President Chairs meetings and enforces Rules of the Association
Vice President Responsible for promotion/publicity and sponsorship of MWNA & media
Secretary Keeps all records of association proceedings and correspondence
Treasurer / Insurance Officer Responsible for keeping records of all funds and assets of the Association. Acts as Public Officer & Insurance Officer.Responsible for all aspects of ordering and running of the Canteen
Assistant Secretary Responsible for recording minutes & meeting attendances, distribution of minutes and keeping record of Club colours, Annual Report.
Competition Secretary Responsible for all aspects of the computer generated player registration, grading reports, fixtures and scoresheets
Coaches Convenor Responsible for promoting coaching, organising lectures & practical demonstrations and promoting coaching standards across the association
Umpires Convenor Responsible for promoting and advancing umpiring standards within the association, organising coaching an practical tests for club umpires, allocation of umpires
Rep Team Convenor Responsible for liaising with rep coaches, managers, umpires etc in all matters relating to representative teams including ordering, distribution & collection of all rep teams equipment and uniforms.Responsible for organising & entering teams in Carnivals. allocating training courts and organising lighting


More detailed information on Executive and sub-committee roles can be found in the Library in the Constitution and By-Laws.



Please contact the Secretary for MPIO information.

Mental Health First Aid Officers- Kim Buckingham - contact details above - and Janelle Burgmann 0419 770 730